About Author Shweta Brijpuria

A poet at core; she holds an Honours degree in Mathematics and is a Marketer by profession. Shweta began her career as the first female member in Airtel Landline sales division in the year 2004 and from there on began her journey to the marketing world. Playing key role, in establishing Brand image of many companies she is an Author to Best selling Suspense Thriller Novel – DARK WhITE.
She began writing poems at the age of six and her collection has no limit.
As a Marketer she believes that the 4Ps of Marketing Mix equally contribute in leading a successful life –

  • Product – What you make of yourself.
  • Price – How much you value yourself
  • Place – Where you stand is your place of action
  • Promotion – How genuinely you with which one connects with the surrounding
  Shweta Brijpuria - Popular Indian Author