Rules are made to keep the integrity of a game but DARK WhITE finds the loopholes. Karma is decided as one fights inner fears. These fears provoke minds to overtake the reason to exist and turn basics of the game.

Neelakshi Thakur fears of becoming an average housewife, and becomes the owner of a PR Company.

Keval has a nagging fear of ending up with an unsuccessful career; he becomes the youngest CM of the State.

Karan thinks he will fail to travel the world, but he becomes the owner of a travel company.

Shashank fears of becoming a pauper and ends up learning the secrets of generating wealth.

Raj Bhandari becomes so influential that no decision is taken without his consent.

Rajat Chandani fears of making his parents unhappy, and becomes the most celebrated stand-up comedian.

Greshma Rastogi who is scared of the opposite gender, rises to become a much feared name in ‘Journalism’.

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